How to Buy a Star

How does Buying a Star at Work? 


Buying a star at Star Register is a simple and straightforward process. All-stars purchased and named come with gift packs for your loved ones. The stars bought are then registered and searchable on the Star Register database. You can see your star is legitimately named. 


How to buy a star and the star gift packs at Star Register 


The first step is choosing the star name. This can be the name of the person you want to gift. Each star name will be connected to a unique code. There can be similar names for different stars but differentiated by the unique codes. The name can be filled on the order form. 


Next, you need to choose a star date that connects with your star. Most people choose the date that relates to special occasions for the gift. This can be a birthday, a wedding date anniversary, etc. 


The next step is choosing a constellation. This is a simple process with a star register provided and their dates. 


Personalization of the star gift pack 


Once you’ve named a star, chosen date, and picked a star constellation, you can personalize the star gift pack. This starts by entering a personal message for the person the gift is intended for in the message box. The message will be included in your gift pack. 


Next, you can personalize the stare page to receive customized gifts. The message can be personalized and photos added. You can also choose a preferred page color and add a video. 


There are different gift packs to choose from depending on what you want to gift your loved one. 


To know more, see how to buy a star. 

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